Adschool Assignments – Advertising Campaign

Angove Estate’s St Agnes Brandy.

The brief for this assignment was to create a fictitious new product line and supporting advertising campaign for Angove Estate’s St Agnes Brandy. The new product line was aimed at a younger target audience, which was different from their current demographic.

I decided that Angove Estate’s St Agnes Brandy should compete for market share in the competitive pre-mixed drinks market with the introduction of St Agnes Brandy Elixirs. The challenge would be to create brand awareness of Angove and more importantly the St Agnes brand and make the brand seem cool and relatable with a target audience already spoilt for choice.

The best way I felt to achieve that was to give St Agnes a persona both visually and through copy. St Agnes is a tough, sexy and takes no prisoners type of girl. Women want to be her and men want her. I researched cocktails that used Brandy as the core ingredient and they then became the basis for the four pre-mixed flavours. Each flavour then owned a unique personality and a name that resonated that personality. Calling the drinks Elixir was a way of tying the new drinks back to the established heritage of Angove Estate and St Agnes Brandy brands. The design of the new drinks and supporting marketing material is clean, stylish and sophisticated which would appeal to the new target audience but still compliment the existing parent brand.


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