AdSchool Assignment: Quit / Quitline – Protect Children from Cigarette Smoke Campaign

Brief: Develop a wordless advertisement that relies on the visual execution of a compelling image and the brand to deliver the message.

Execution: I combined the heads of a father and his child to convey the message that when an adult or in this case a father, is smoking so are your kids. Whether it be passively or installing the habit into their minds as an acceptable thing to do.

AdSchool Assignment: Nutella – Energy to Live and Learn

Brief: Develop an advertisement that demonstrates how Nutella provides children with the energy to live and learn.

Execution: Experiencing first-hand how messy Nutella can be when in the hands of a child, I liked the idea of Nutella being used as the medium to demonstrate ‘new found’ energy. Looking at the hierarchy of this ad, we have the action, the product, and the sub message that supports the tagline.

AdSchool Assignment: Mortein – All New Natural

Brief: Develop an advertisement that demonstrates Mortein’s New Natural Formula bug spray.

Execution: To emphasise the natural element of the new formula I created parts of the spray can out of natural components.  The result takes on the persona of Mother Nature and captures a fly.

AdSchool Assignment: Jümp – Premium Dog Food

Brief: Develop an advertisement for a fictitious premium dog food product. I had to come up with a name, packaging and a dog related visual message that supported the tone of the product.

Execution: The name came from the fact that most dogs will jump for something they really want but I added the “ü” to emphasise the pronunciation, giving it a bit of class. The packaging design is clean, simple and high-end. The underlying message is an old dog can learn new tricks if it means they can have Jümp in their food bowl.

AdSchool Assignment: Glade Air Freshener – New Odour Finding Formula

Brief: Develop an advertisement demonstrating Glade Air Freshener’s new odour finding formula.

Execution: The idea was to create a can with a built-in GPS Navigator that will locate the odours for you, so you can spray and it will go and find the odour. Removing the need to sniff around the room trying to find the odour.